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17. května 2013 v 8:10
Twilight for the Kimono

The other problem is nobody knows how to put it on anymore. You can't just slip it on like the black dress.

Really? I know how to put a kimono on. :P

I think that again there's sort of a mixup going on between the Graduation Dresses everyday kimono and the special occasion kimono (sorry, I'm sure there are words for these distinct types of kimono, but I don't know what they are).

The $25,000 variety of kimono mentioned in the article are major productions. It takes *hours* to get into them, and you need 2-3 helpers to do it. But this is no different than putting on a western-style wedding dress, or some sort of high-end evening gown.

I don't think the kind of kimono you wear around town is anymore difficult, from what I've seen, than most equivalent western style dresses.

I could also add that I know people who can help put on a kimono. Typically though the way that
Quinceanera Dresses you put on a kimono is basically the same. The major difference occurs in tying the obi. That is not to say that there are kimonos out there that require a special way to put on but typically you won't encounter that. Also the difference between most higher end kimonos are typically in the way they are made and what material is used to make it. During my last trip to Japan I did see some of the more expensive kimonos (I especially liked the owl one) and that was due to the process used to make the kimono. My mom is still wistfully wishing she had the obi they had there. it was only about $1000. ;)

The major difference occurs in tying the obi.

I seem to recall seeing one obi that would be impossible to put on by
Wedding Guest Dresses oneself. Not the knotted ones, which you could theoretically tie in front and rotate, but one wrapped around a box-like thing against the back. I can't find a reference right now, but that one needs at least one, and possibly two helpers.

A friend has an obi mounted up on his apartment wall as a decorcation. Of course you can't put on all formal kimono's by yourself. a wedding kimono does come to mind. Even with expensive formal kimonos, you can put them on by yourself. My mom would be able to. if she didn't have problems with her hands. I wonder if I still have those pictures of obi's from the last formal event I attended. ;) If I can find them, I'll post a link to them.

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