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16. května 2013 v 5:25
Tips On Attracting Women

Before talking about tips on attracting women, I want to ask you one question. What do you think about women when they seem interested in you?

One important thing you should assume that women feel attraction toward men's character rather than men's looks. Evolutionary and biologically women are weaker
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Normally, women are not attracted to men's money. So if you don't have plenty of money, you should not worry about anything. How you act in front of women is important when it comes to attracting women.

Tips on attraction women

Tip #1. Get rid of Puppy-Dog traits -

Normally, if an average man likes a woman, he does lots of things to praise her. He buys precious gifts and dresses for her. He always compliments about her gorgeousness. He always tries to win her heart by showing her how much love he has for her.

These types of actions are not useful when it comes to attracting women. Yes, you can and should show affection for a woman but in a right way. If you try to Graduation Dresses become a puppy dog of a woman then you will become a puppy dog for all time. Doing this will depict you as a loser. And women are attracted to strong men - not losers.

Tip #2. Change your body language -

Most men don't care their nonverbal singles when
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Tip #3. Have fun -

When you get a phone number of a woman, don't push her to talk to you or call you back. Just remember that you should make her laugh when you call her. You should do practice to call your female friends and make them laugh. The more practice you do, the better you will become at attracting women.

Remember, you don't need money and look to attract women. The only matter is how you make them feel about you. And anyone can make a woman feels attraction for him by doing right things. Women are emotional creatures and they take all their decisions emotionally. If you want to pick up women you must be able to play with their emotions.

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