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22. května 2013 v 4:36
What happened to modest prom dresses By Carl Azuz, CNN (CNN) The sparkly, sequined prom gowns that many of us remember from the 90s - like the Glamour Shots that sometimes accompanied them - might not have been the prettiest. But most were pretty modest compared to what some young promgoers have been squeezing themselves into this year. At David's Bridal, there's a prom dress line categorized as "Sexy," and it's accounting for about 35 percent of the retail chain's sales, according to the Wall Street Journal. Low-cut backs, high-cut hemlines, and skin-showing cutouts define the style. Clothing retailer AMIClubwear, self-described as "the positive place for girls," has options that would positively trouble more conservative fathers. The company throws revealing and tight styles into its mix of party dresses. But their schools are implementing dress codes to ensure certain garments aren't worn. For example, anything that shows off the midriff, is too low-cut (in either the front or the back), or is see-through will not been seen through the doors at Milford High School in Massachusetts. The line is drawn at the bust line at Alabama's Opelika High School: "If flesh touches flesh" below that point, the prom dress code says, "the dress is inappropriate." It also forbids midriffs as well as slits that rise more than three inches above the knee. Video: Teen suspended over prom dress Women aren't singled out in this, either. Some dress codes mandate dress shoes on young men's feet, so forget about funning up a tux with Chuck Taylors. And dress shirts are also required to be worn at all times during some dances, which could seriously disappoint our male fans of Jersey Shore. But the blame extends well beyond Pauly D and JWOWW. Everything from The Real Housewives to Desperate Housewives - from Lindsay Lohan to Lady Gaga - is having an influence. Video: No prom in this skimpy dress "This whole idea of the red-carpet obsession and getting dressed up is at the forefront of our culture," says Catherine Moellering, who tracks prom trends and is the executive vice president of ToBe Report. And when Jennifer Lopez strides the red carpet with a neckline that reaches the top of her stomach, admiring viewers of all ages are going to 2012 Prom Dresses notice, and some are going to try to copy the look. There are alternatives for today's students, of course. Rather than looking to the present, there's always the notion of nodding to the romantic past. Practically every tuxedo set does this in some way. In an age where even the most intimate aspects of life are posted on social networking sites, privacy has no value." Beebe goes on to blame the absence of modesty and an unquenchable thirst for attention as the driving forces behind scandalous prom dresses. Others blame a shift in parenting values - the notion that our parents wouldn't have let us go out in certain outfits, but it's all right if our kids do. That's part of the reason why Houston Chronicle blogger Mary Jo Rapini posted a list of tips to help parents guide their teenagers' choices. Her advice includes explaining why a dress may be inappropriate, encouraging teenagers to make different choices, allowing them time to mull it over and vent to friends…and possibly being prepared to put your foot down if all else fails. It's understandable why promgoers want to have the final say in what they wear, whether that's altered by a parent, a friend, a rule or a tailor. At the end of the complex debate, though, is actually a very simple choice. It's between the elegant and the suggestive, as the two don't often coincide. Gotta watch: Crazy prom antics Like this:Like Be the first to like this. My daughter just attended Prom both at her school and at her boyfriend school. She looked for weeks, at dozens of stores, to find a dress that was both appropriate and lovely. She found it. Rather modest sweetheart-type neckline, bare shoulders (spaghetti strap), low-but-not-too-low back, fit nicely, not at all tight, slightly flowy skirt. basically showed off her shoulders and a bit of upper back, flattering and comfortable and feminine in every way. just breathtakingly beautiful. looked amazing next to her handsome tux/vest/bowtie wearing boyfriend. What I liked best was that he appreciated SO much how lovely she looked and commented to her confidentially on how much class she had and how proud Party Dresses Australia he was to be her date. Well, Brittany looked modest and adorable last night on Glee. You can also look at most things that Hailee Steinfeld has worn to awards shows for alteration inspiration. You can find modest dresses in the children section of stores (Macy has nice fancy ones), and alter them to your desires (like cutting some of the netting underneath that gives the skirt some body). Good luck getting your average teenager to shop for her prom dress in the children section, though. Banana Republic has nice bridesmaid-type dresses that are usually pretty modest, as does J. Crew (though I personally look at the wedding dresses and have one dyed, as I prefer that style but you have to look to find one that not outrageously expensive by prom standards). Finally, thrift stores. I got a prom dress and a pageant dress at a thrift store and altered them myself, both were reasonably modest styles. CNN's Schools of Thought blog Cheap Party Dresses covers education from a variety of perspectives that include policies, practices and people. From pre-kindergarten through college, for parents, teachers, students - and anyone who has ever been a student - Schools of Thought offers food for thought in the national conversation on education. It's edited by Donna Krache, Jamie Gumbrecht and John Martin, with contributions from CNN journalists and those with an interest in education.

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