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Modern lighting design is still inspired by tiffany The name tiffany is synonymous with stained glass lampshades.Louis comfort tiffany was born in 1848 the son of charles lewis tiffany the founder of tiffany co, the highly successful retailer of silver http://the-teeth.co.uk/womens/handbags.html and jewellery.And although charles wanted his son to succeed him in the business louis preferred to train and work as an artist. Louis' remarkable career lasted over 50 years working with several companies including c.Tiffany furnaces.In 1902 he joined his father's company as its first design director.He was responsible for creating some of it most fantastic jewellery, inspired by designs he found in nature and foreign art.Many of his commissions came from famous or notable persons of the day such as mark twain and cornelius vanderbilt and he quickly earned an international reputation. He started experimenting with glass during the 1870s in new york.By 1880 he had patented his revolutionary ideas and went on to form the tiffany glass company in 1885.In its heyday the factory employed more than three hundred people including designers, artists and glass blowers;However it wasn't until 1895 that the first commercially produced lamps were sold.Tiffany is famous for its lampshades but in fact the company designed and manufactured a wide range of products including vases, perfume bottles, stainedglass windows and tiles. It was a meeting with thomas edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb, which led to the idea of creating table lamps and lightshades.The original designs were actually made out of the discarded waste left over from producing stained glass windows. Tiffany used many of his favourite themes in his lampshades including peacocks, dragonflies, trees in blossom, trailing flowers and brilliant blooms.The stained glass shades http://the-teeth.co.uk/ work in brilliant contrast to the solid bases which are often in the form of tree trunks, roots or lily pads.Many of the most outstanding tiffany lighting designs were by women.The dragonfly tiffany lampshade was designed by clara driscoll in 1900 and then two years later the wisteria tiffany lamp with its random edged shade and multicoloured mosaic was created by mrs.Curtis freschel. Period ambience with amber tiffany table lamps From the moment they first appeared tiffany lamps have been style icons with a wide spread appeal throughout the world.You can find tiffany shades in the grandest stately mansions but also in more modest modern homes.However the original tiffany lamps are now difficult to find and very expensive, so modern tiffanystyle lamps have started to be produced which are more affordable and readily available, allowing you to create a period, bohemian look without breaking the Louis Vuitton Men Handbags bank. Some reproductions are of such high quality that many have fooled dealers and collectors.In the 21st century the admiration and desire for tiffany has not diminished.Lighting designers and manufacturers continue to produce designs in homage to louis tiffany.A wide range of colours and styles are now available and manufactured to Louis Vuitton Belts modern lamps and lighting standards.There is a particular fashion for amber tiffany table lamps, and no home should be without one.Our website has a fantastic range of lighting designs for today homes.We stock a comprehensive choice of quality and stylish lighting at low prices.Our fast, low cost delivery means that your lights could be with you in as little as 48 hours.We supply free bulbs with all lamps and lighting orders.Our range includes energy saving lighting so not only do you save on the initial purchase but also on the running costs and the environmental impact.Garden lighting means that you are able to illuminate your outside space, bringing the garden into your home.Whether you are searching for lights for the bathroom, the childrens rooms, home office or living room lampsandlighting offer style and quality with exceptional customer service.

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