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12. října 2013 v 10:05
See david Click here Beats By Dr price's home turf I'm joined this is their prized net home turf.Gonna give you a sneak all access look at my home turf and on any team to be protected.And connect come off this thing to look.SoYeah.I love this city tampa bay and everything it has off guard gorgeous weather gorgeous water fail once hello there was upset.Yeah.One of the many things a lot about dating as we connected whether i'm at home or i'm on the roadI can see who's out my front door watching this is orlando on the couch excuse me hey hey.And thank you very much for us.So that's that wasSo we our hearts from square.Flies out to open it would and you loseSome and set up all of my Beats By Dr Solo houseSo we want a long time differences aside and we'll no i didn't give me.That's that's we've done very in my.It was a good.All right all right i know why you guys are here he wanted to come on most prized possession cy young trophies list second on the.I'm on this trophy it has just my name right thereSome other four guys on our roster known with us all year and our training staff and all my coaches the ones that.Propelled me it's helped me to be able to win this award winners cy young award was one matthews thing is my life.I've been a little bit travel and got this award and i wanted to make sure that it was safe with my new adt system at home you know have to worry about your rival on the road.And it makes my life a lot easier knowing Monster Beats Headphones that everything i own all of our prized possessions back homers that.My other prized possession option offered about is my french bulldogs castro.Whenever i do an interview astro is usually one of the first question that i've been asked about half or and this is the newest addition to watch and we'll go from tiffany's dog's name is week here and astros definitely.Have competitions for attention.Colombian i would take on these guys whenever i'm on the road relating to assist assist assist security went around on the road i know what they're doing at all times.It's easy for me it's good to get on my opponents because at the front door let the men with the lights on on into form and it simplifies the process.This is my video game rooms western countless hours every day before everything is true since i mlb two k thirteen cover boy elsewhere and are you are today play as myself of course with the rays got stuck it.Still would double.So.And since i am a huge gamer i've definitely made the mistake of leaving my xbox on whenever i'm on the road when gloves because optimize blogs no matter where i have.For the best partially about staying in tampa bay and never close the waters is a views.One downside to the olympics and today.The weather can change very very quick but the good thing about having any team were around coming home blog and it's really hot outside of the guys really cool.I can.But the temperature.What the temperature down defense on or off.It's very simple for me to do whenever i come home and i was going to be colson from me and best.Despite everyone's confidence wanna walk.It's what it.Took time to took the scope.Almost forgot one thing actually won on this system fit.Within it puts it.We employ me.

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